What are the working opportunities in overseas?

Working opportunities overseas are very bright. This opportunity is available for those with specific experience on an aircraft via type licensed held by the engineers.

Can Malaysian license holder CAAM Part 66 A1 repair 9M flight in Indonesia.


Comparison between CAAM Part 66 CAT A1 & EASA?

CAAM Part 66 Cat A1 is a license issued by the CEO of CAAM; EASA is European Aviation Safety Agency

Is this CAAM Part-66 Cat. A1 programme inclusive of OJT?

Yes, ALLIED's CAAM Part-66 Cat. A1 programme is inclusive of 12 Months of OJT in selected MROs; and as per CAAM's requirements, students will be working with Operating Aircrafts.

Can you explain more details of DCAM PART 66 modules?

For Cat A1 there are 12 modules. Each module has its own topics and MCQ examination. 3 modules, Mod 7 (Maintenance Practices), Mod 9 (Human Factors) and Mod 10 (Air Legislations) have extra paper for examination, that is an essay. Mod 9 & 10 one essay question and Mod 7 two essay questions. The passing mark for both MCQ and essay is 75%. A student must pass both essay and MCQ separately where necessary and need to re-sit these examinations if fail to obtain a minimum 75%

What is the ratio for boys and girls in this industry?

Approximately one girl for every four boys, now the trend is changing

Is this programme only for SCIENCE Stream students?

NO; it is for both SCIENCE and NON-SCIENCE (i.e. Arts, Accounts, etc.) streams students with credits in Maths, Science and Physics

How many Engineers and technicians are needed for one plane?

This depends on the size of the aircraft. Smaller aircraft may require less number of personnel compared to bigger aircraft. The ratio between engineers and technician is 1:4

What is A check, B check and C check?

These checks are according to the flying hours. Check A is lowest and check B is more than check A and check C is more than check B. you can search for this in the net for detail information.

What is the assurance given by ALLIED in getting license?

A student shall receive license from the CAAM if the following are fulfilled: 1. Pass with minimum 75% for each CAAM Part 66 Cat A1 modules (total 12 modules) 2. Competent in all verification for practical (99 tasks) 3. Cleared all assessment (99 tasks) 4. Twelve (12) months of OJT (maintenance experience on operating aircraft) is compulsory to secure the CAAM Part-66 Cat. A1 License 5. Recommended by the QM of ALLIED